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Upcoming events in this series

Sue Reyman & Ginny Takacs

Floral photography and paintings

This will be an exhibit inspired by the garden.

Cydney Lewis & Art Garcia

Collage and paintings

Cydney transforms materials into a personal vision. Art is a local artist who creates colorful abstract paintings.

Felix Maldonado

Selected paintings

Flex was a primary contributor to the murals along Lake Street in Miller as part of the Lake Effekt festival in recent years.

Past events in this series

Greater Tuna
April 2024
Blooming Out of Trauma
February 2024
Our Community Wonderland
December 2023
Dickens' A Christmas Carol, A Readers Theatre Version
November 2023
At That Moment
September 2023
The Csicsko Kid -- ARTIST TALK - October 7th, 6 - 8 pm
October 2022
Seventh Annual MBACD Golf Outing
September 2022
5 + 3 = ∞
June 2022
May 2022
Indiana Humanities
April 2022
Chicago Blues All-Stars
April 2022
Trivia Night
January 2022
Movie Night
December 2021
First Friday Cookie Walk
December 2021
Monologues for this Moment
November 2021
Artists' Talk
October 2021
Chernobyl & Chicken
October 2021
I Know I Am But Who Are You?
July 2021
Art Still Lives fundraiser
May 2021
Art From Excess II
May 2021
Art From Excess II
May 2021
Giving Tuesday
December 2020
Unchartered Territory
November 2020
Constance Volk
October 2020
Funky Mojodaddy
March 2020
Marisol Miranda salsa band
September 2019

Upcoming events


Sue Reyman & Ginny Takacs Floral photography and paintings


Reefer Madness!!! The Musical
Rashelle Roos & Joe Agati Paintings and sculpture
Closing Matinee


Cydney Lewis & Art Garcia Collage and paintings


Felix Maldonado Selected paintings


Gallery break Our gallery will be closed in late January while we prepare for our 2024 community show.


2024 Community Show Artists from Gary, Connected to Gary, that have not been exhibited in our gallery
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Miller Beach Arts & Creative District

Mailing address:

P.O. Box 2405, Gary, IN 46403

Gallery Location:

Marshall J. Gardner Center for the Arts
540 S. Lake Street, Gary, IN 46403
Open Friday and Saturday, 6—8pm, and Sunday 2—4. Find us on , , and Instagram.