Miller Doors

Exhibit and Silent Auction

Marshall J. Gardner Center For The Arts

Along the lines of “Cows in Chicago” or the annual festival of painted doors in Valloria Italy – Miller now has its own version. Come see what 83 of your fellow residents (families, neighbors, artists) created at the door painting workshop in conjunction with Miller Spotlight’s Property Improvement action group. All doors are available for silent bids. Successful bidders will be able to take their piece of art home on Saturday January 30 at 3pm.  Proceeds will benefit the Miller Beach Arts & Creative District and Miller Spotlight.

83 friends of Miller Beach Arts & Creative District and Miller Spotlight came together last weekend to paint 25 doors – inspired by an event that is held in the small Italian town of Valloria, where artists use the front doors of homes as canvases every summer. In the 1980s and 90s, a group of people from Valloria initiated an annual festival and door painting ritual to help breathe new life into the small town for which they felt so much pride. Today, people travel from a far to attend this festival and the town has new activity and recognition throughout the year.

Our own Miller Doors are now available for viewing, and will be auctioned via silent auction which will close on January 30th at 3pm. So come see what your friends and fellow creative types have made and put a bid on your favorite one.

Miller Doors Itinerary

Exhibit and Silent Auction
Saturday, Jan. 16th
1 – 3 pm
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“Exhibit and Silent Auction” is part of the larger “Miller Doors” event.

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