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The Miller Beach Arts & Creative District is hosting a book signing event during our “Medley of Art” exhibit. Come meet the authors, buy a book, and have them sign it for you! All while enjoying the art exhibit in the gallery. Don’t mind the construction – simply take 5th Place to the paved alley, turn Left to our parking lot (the 2nd business from the corner – red brick building at 540 S. Lake Street)

Tyrell Anderson

Seven Seasons

Seven Seasons takes the reader on a photographic journey filled with exploration, self-reflection, and humor. Author and photographer Tyrell Anderson exposes the foundation of his work while giving insight to the development of his creations spanning nine years across the globe. The book documents Tyrell’s trips across the United States and Europe from 2011-2019, and features art photos of Union Station in Gary, the downtown Atlanta skyline and many other backdrops.

Deidre Dixon

Released! A Journey to Wholeness Fulfillment & Peace

Spending ten years in the male-dominated environment of the U. S. Marine Corps, Dixon experienced verbal, emotional, psychological and even physical abuse. Being the only female in the unit she was assigned to, sometimes, felt like she had no recourse. Eventually, she became desensitized. She told herself to be tough and deal with it. Her freedom from this “bondage” came when she decided not to re-enlist and to seek employment as a civilian. However, being away from that toxic situation did not remove the trauma. There were things she still needed. If you are reading this, you are already a conqueror and on a new journey. Released! is a tool meant to help you reflect on obstacles that have held you back and energize you to pursue your dreams. If you desire wholeness, fulfillment and peace in your life, take the time to read and reflect on the contents written with you in mind. There is destiny in you. Once you open your heart to the limitless possibilities, you will be Released!

Jesse Johnson

Pastor, Author, Teacher, Artist will have 3 of his books and 1 of his mother’s available at the book signing:

BLACKOUT The African American Appreciation of Art: Understanding The Principles & Elements to Critiquing Works Of Art is filled with black contemporary artists’ work for many types of media including poetry, mucic and culinary arts. It also has some of Jesse’s personal battles of how he started with art and used it as a foundation to grow as another avenue away from trouble.

Connections: A Look At Collaborating Artists showcases artists coming together creating aesthetics against the atrocities in the African American Communities.

Poetic Passion: Love Inspiration & Conversation contains words like music to a beat filled with Love, Inspirational, Spiritual, Radical, Conversational poetry. It also contains imagery and photography by Johnson and others that persuade minds to create within themselves.

Marcella Clay Johnson

Poetic Soul

Poetry by Marcella, design and cover artwork by Jesse Johnson – who has loved writing all her life and created this book after encouragement from her son.

Samuel Love

The Gary Anthology

“Instant City,” “Magic City of Steel,” “Sin City,” “Chocolate City,” “Plywood City,” “Murder Capital.” 

Once the second-largest city in Indiana, and home to the world’s largest steel mill, Gary has suffered and shrunk greatly in the postindustrial global economy. Population numbers now approach pre-Great Depression lows. Large swathes of its land are urban prairie, and a recent survey found a quarter of Gary’s built environment is in a dilapidated or dangerous condition. 

But Gary is also a center of Black culture and political power. It is home to the Indiana Dunes National Park and globally rare ecosystems. Union, community organizing, and environmental justice struggles based in Gary have profoundly shaped social and political life in the United States. It is the setting for everyday joys and tragedies, and very much alive.

Edited by Gary native Samuel Love, The Gary Anthology (September 15) collects  the voices of not only the essayist, poet, and journalist but also the graffiti writer, the minister, the activist, the singer, the organizer, and of course, the steel worker. Their work complicates standard narratives about steel, violence, race, and urban decay, and offers readers the chance to hear from those who are hard at work reshaping the city from the bottom up. 

Taken as a whole, this vital collection is a vibrant rebuke to the notion that Gary is “dead.”

Samuel Love is a fourth-generation Gary resident and an artist, community organizer, and educator who facilitates public projects that connect communities to their cultural and ecological histories through publishing, multi-media installations, and performance. He is a 2019/20 Indiana Arts Commission On-Ramp fellow and recipient of IAC’s Individual Advancement Program grant. He was also a 2019 Community Revitalization fellow with the Center For Community Progress. In 2017 he launched the Gary Poetry Project, and hosted 67 poetry workshops and events in Gary. In 2018, with the support of the National Endowment for the Arts, he brought the project to Lockport, Illinois, an historic canal town southwest of Chicago. And with the support of the Indiana Arts Commission the Carroll County Poetry Project has engaged rural communities in central Indiana. He began organizing with the Central District Organizing Project and later co-founded Two-One-Nine MIGHT (the Mass Incarceration and GEO Halt Team). Recently he served as the volunteer chair of the Parks and Arts + Culture advisory committees for the Reinvest In Gary comprehensive plan and is a consultant to the Field Museum’s West Gary Quality of Life survey.

Charles Sherrod

Encouraging Words For The Barbers and Stylists

Encouraging Words For The Barbers And Stylists: During this time regarding the Covid-19 Pandemic, many barbers and stylists have suffered financially and had to close their shops and file for unemployment. Sherrod believes his mission is to minister and encourage as many barbers and stylists around the world with a positive word.

Latonya E. Tindall

31 Uniquely Inspirational Expressions

Sitting at home one day, I prayed and became motivated. You see, I was experiencing a loss of sight in my left eye. I was inspired to write inspirational and expressions and prayers that would inspire, motivate, enlighten, and beautify someone’s soul. These focus on those who are going through pain, struggles, discouragement, loneliness, low self-esteem, and grief. Today, I would like to share with you 31 Uniquely Inspirational Expressions given and activated by the Holy Spirit in two days. I have always been a motivator and encourager to family, friends, and even strangers, who have crossed my path. This has consistently happened throughout my life. Because of this, I believe God has called me forward to step out and walk in my calling for the Kingdom of God. God called me as an Inspirational Motivational Speaker. I know I was born to activate, beautify, encourage, support, and uplift the souls of all people.

The Tree of Life

Word Search helps you to concentrate, focus, and sharpen your memory. Learning the Bible is good for your everyday personal relationship with God, Sunday School, Bible Study, and personal enjoyment. It’s easy to word search at any age group with family and friends. Each word search puzzle and lesson plan will help you grow closer to God.

Seek & Ye Shall Find

This book is a concept of developing skills from 1st to 8th grade for teaching the basics in a puzzling format. This is the crossword of crossword puzzles. Each word puzzle consists of Vocabulary Words, Spelling, and Writing Definitions. It is the fundamental process of creating fun for your children. The dynamics that each level pertains are for an educational purpose. In these puzzles, the words can be found in any direction horizontally, vertically, diagonally, backward, or forward.

Medley of Art features a diverse group of 9 artists from Chicago and throughout NWI, a live dance performance, and book signings with three authors.

Friday September 4th 6-8pm: Opening Reception and interactive Artist Talk with community participation. Featured artists are: Derrock Burnett, Deidre Dixon, Alex Garcia, Saundra Goldsby, Jesse Johnson, Traz Kozcacuauhtli Juarez, Ismael (Ish) Muhammad Nieves, Billy Simmons, and Keila Strong.

Saturday, September 19th 6:30pm will feature artists drawing or painting as inspired by the dancers of South Shore Dance Alliance.

Saturday, September 26th 6—8pm will feature a book signing event featuring newly published books by Tyrell Anderson’s Seven Seasons, Deidre Dixon’s A Journey to Wholeness, Fulfillment and Peace, and Samuel A Love’s The Gary Anthology.

Due to covid restrictions, masks and social distancing are required. We are fortunate to have a very large space so it is easy to maintain social distancing in our 5,000 sq foot gallery.

September 4th27th

Event Hours:

Medley of Art Itinerary

Book Signing
Saturday, Sep. 26th
6 – 8 pm
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“Book Signing” is part of the larger “Medley of Art” event, and part of our Exhibits series.

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