Me, Myself & I

Jesse Johnson art exhibit

Marshall J. Gardner Center For The Arts

Visitors will be able to experience the growth in Jesse’s work during the period 2009 to 2017. He endeavors to allow his work to speak for him as he shares his experiences with us through oil and acrylic paintings, sculptures, ceramic pieces and photographs.

The exhibit hours are Fridays and Saturdays 6-9pm and Sundays 1-4pm July 21 – 30. It is free and open to the public – all are welcome!

A glimpse into Jesse Johnson’s world

By utilizing visual elements such as colorful forms and abstract structures, my work deeply engages the viewer. These visual elements and colors help to tell an ongoing story. Each body of work is a chapter in that story. My work challenges the marginalization of African Americans and illustrates the ways in which minorities are often mistreated. This body of work is produced to help expand consciousness about our history, from past to present.

My creativity in other works establishes meaningful political agendas, as well as obscures the abstract human form. Using foreign objects to create texture produces aesthetics to evoke a variety of emotions for my mixed media conceptions.

In a previous collection, I used female mannequins to demonstrate the objectification of women in American society. Through this body of work I want the viewer to see such issues from my perspective. Some of my work includes mixed media such as: oil, acrylics, sand, puzzle pieces, record albums, mannequins, photography, ceramics, and sculpting.

This provides me with the main departure point for my paintings and other creations. My identity is also woven into my works. As a result of my childhood experiences growing up in Chicago, I feel very passionately about these issues; by creating specific imagery, I aim to make the viewer question them. There is no specific theme for this exhibition, I only want the audience to take in each piece as a moment of experience when presented.

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“Me, Myself & I” is part of our Exhibits series.

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