Larry Lapidus

Portrait Exhibit

Marshall J. Gardner Center For The Arts

Please join us for “Larry Lapidus Portrait Exhibit”, which Includes the Faces of Miller Beach & Chicago. The exhibit runs through November 11th, 2018.

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Forty years of experience will be on display in the faces gracing the Marshall J. Gardner Center for the Arts, 540 S. Lake St., in the Miller Beach neighborhood of Gary.

Those years of knowledge and understanding won’t necessarily be expressed in the subjects being photographed – but in the photographer who captured them. Miller resident Larry Lapidus has been taking pictures professionally for more than 35 years, and 60 of those images will be exhibited through November 11, 2018 at the arts center.

“The main thrust of the exhibit includes 15 headshots, 15 portraits, 15 portraits of a beautiful woman named Debra Greenfield,” Lapidus said, “and, lastly, 15 body photographs of the stunning male body.”

It was his appreciation of the visual that sparked his interest in the art form, Lapidus maintains. “Having always been a visual person, it made sense to document what I found appealing,” he explained. “When I moved to New York from Chicago I was impressed by everything there was to see. Once I began taking an acting class, I became captivated by the human face. That was the seed that flowered into my portrait business.”

“No face matches another. I still find that the ultimate improbability,” he continued. “I also knew that if I was going to have any success in business as a photographer I learned very early on that one had to find a specific niche. Actors needed headshots so that is solely what I chose to shoot.”

While the technology of photography has gone through huge transformations, Lapidus said his method has remained steady. “My approach to portraiture has not changed over the years. I believe a portrait should express the person’s true character. Despite different trends, digital technology, and Photoshop, I will always remain a photographer of revealing character.

Earlier this summer, the photographer decided to donate his services to the Miller Beach Arts & Creative District, offering to do portraits of local citizens who donated $150 or more. Many of these will be on display at the exhibit.

“One day I woke up and said to myself I would love to exhibit my portraits from the 80’s,” Lapidus explained. “As lovely as they are, I didn’t think anyone had a reason to buy one. I knew I needed to raise money for our art district, so I thought: how could I do that? I came up with the idea of donating my services and, as long as someone would donate at least $150 to our organization, I would take their portrait. This caught on and there are 24 portraits of Miller Beach and Chicago folks – we also have a few couples and several adorable dogs.”

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“Larry Lapidus” is part of our Exhibits series.

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