Anatomy of Artists

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This exhibit was formed because of a long desire of Richard Pociask to gather friends who have devoted much of their life to the arts. Their contributions to the arts are too numerous to mention. This exhibit will include 50 pieces of paintings, photography, sculpture, fibre art, and mixed media – representing 300 years worth of dedication to the arts collectively. Hailing from Chicago, Arizona, Michigan, these artists’ work can be seen in galleries throughout the US and internationally. The exhibit opens with a reception on Friday October 11th from 6-9pm and will be available for viewing weekends through November 3, 2019.

Marlene Krygowski has been involved in the arts as a photographer, painter and sculptor. In 2011 Marlene founded GAG, a gallery in Chicago. Its reputation is strong as GAG has shown to be a gallery of very diverse artists and ideas, with a wide range of art. A staple in Chicago. Her photographs are often used and presented as a collage.

Leslie Scruggs is a sculptor. Leslie has been involved with his art as a lifetime career. Much of his work is of a process known as ‘direct carving’. He started an annual tradition called ARTDECK at n outside studio in Manistee, MI and Tuscan, AZ. That event spawned the successful ‘AROUND THE SNAKE’ event where artists open up their studios. His work is seen in a multitude of venues indoors and out.

Lourdes S. Guerrero was inspired with crochet at a very early age and developed artistic interest in knitting, embroidery and weaving. She started weaving crocheted tapestries of two rich cultures of Irish and her Mexican heritage, two cultures with a tradition of storytelling. Through the years, she was drawn to many other styles of media.

Helen Gotlib is an artist from Ann Arbor, MI, who at a very early stage of her life made a lifetime commitment to art. Helen has developed a detail oriented style incorporating drawing and mixed media. Much of Helen’s work has been focused on the life cycle of flora, documenting the subtle expressive beauty of nature’s patterns and the cycle of life which she conveys through botanical figure drawing, landscape and aquatic.

Larry Chait started his career as a research scientist. In 1993, left that field to spend 8 years tutoring children, and then with the advent of digital, his original interest in photography was renewed. His work displays dramatic light and shadow, unusual textures, forms and patterns, transforming his research practices to systematically varying camera, lighting and software parameters and observing the effects.

Karin Kirulis is a sculptor working with bronze using the direct casting method. This gives each piece a more immediate expression. While bronze is traditionally a hard static material, Karin’s is able to create pieces that appear to sway in the wind. She plays with concepts such as strength versus fragility, Interior versus exterior, and negative space versus positive space. Each striving for the tipping point of balance. This is most prominent in her ‘Form and Mass’ sculptures.

Paul Davey has been involved in art through a wide variety of avenues, including a frame shop, which has been a staple in Chicago for a long stretch. As an artist, he uses a unique method of creating his images. His watercolor transfers involve a step to move the painting from one surface to the paper. In spite of the design and control, an element of chance allows the aqueous nature of the medium to flow. Paul’s representational abstracts are painted on location.

Richard Pociask has spent most of his life devoted to his art. He has created a wide variety of work with a main focus on drawing, painting, printmaking and applying his form of drawing on 3D objects. A prominent amount of Richard’s work is detail oriented, but in a subtle and simple manner. All is reduced to its simplest form; “Hard lines with an organic touch”.

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“Anatomy of Artists” is part of our Exhibits series.

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