Upcoming events in this series

James Shirey

Horticultural Photography

Joe Rauen

Live Music With Handmade Instruments

Listen to Joe Rauen play a variety of handmade instruments as you stroll through Jim Shirey’s exhibit. More details to come in the Spring. Watch this space!

Monotype Paintings

Angela Saxon, Anne Corlett, Royce Deans

Monotype demonstrations and art exhibit from Angela Saxon, Anne Corlett, and Royce Deans. More details to be provided in the summer. Save the Date!

Plein Air

Event and Exhibit

Artists from around the Midwest (and maybe beyond!) gather to paint outdoors. ALl paintings created during this event will be exhibited and available for sale at a reception. More details to follow in early summer.

Alumni Art Exhibit

William A. Wirt High School

To kick off the Wirt High School multi-class reunion, we will host an art exhibit of all things created by Wirt Alumni through the years. More details to come in the summer – watch this…

Suzy Vance

Fibre Art Exhibit

More details to come in the fall.

Past events in this series

Living Mid-Century
March 2020
Anatomy of Artists
October 2019
Definitive Moments
September 2019
In Her Own Style
July 2019
June 2019
Kevin Firme
November 2018
Larry Lapidus
September 2018
August 2018
Hometown Gems
July 2018
Copper Guilding
June 2018
Artists' Journey
June 2018
Dual Insights
May 2018
Just US
May 2018
Time Ghost
April 2018
Mocha Flavored Clouds
March 2018
Paint It Black
February 2018
CommUNITY Station exhibit
January 2018
Show Off
November 2017
Scary Stuff!
October 2017
The Pain't in My Life
September 2017
Not Fade Away
August 2017
Me, Myself & I
July 2017
Black Ice
July 2017
Art Extravanganza
June 2017
May 2017
Get Surreal
April 2017
The Art Within
March 2017
Reframing Histories
October 2016
October 2016
Cut From a Different Cloth
September 2016
Nelson Algren Photography Exhibit
July 2016
Sand and Steel
May 2016
Lighthouse Charter School
April 2016
Straight Shooters
March 2016
Richard Pociask
November 2015
Calumet River Project
November 2015
Collective Perspectives
August 2015
Saving The Dunes
July 2015
Bead Town
January 2014
October 2013
Dual Nature
September 2013
The Dream Continues
August 2013
Line Drawing
August 2013
Where’s the Magician When You Need Him?
June 2013
Wirt Emerson Visual & Performing Arts
May 2013
Denny Davis Retrospective
March 2013
In an Indescribable Vessel
December 2012
To Be Designed
October 2012
Michael Jackson Visions
August 2012
Emerging Perspectives
August 2012
Craig Smith Galleries
June 2012

Upcoming events


Chernobyl Experience With The Decay Devils


James Shirey Horticultural Photography
Farmers Market 2020 The Best Place to Spend Sunday
Lake Effekt Mural Art Festival
Joe Rauen Live Music With Handmade Instruments


Closed For Independence Day


Monotype Paintings Angela Saxon, Anne Corlett, Royce Deans
Plein Air Event and Exhibit


Alumni Art Exhibit William A. Wirt High School


Suzy Vance Fibre Art Exhibit
Artisan Fair


Community Art Show
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