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Since 2011 the Miller Beach Arts & Creative District has focused on using the arts as the catalyst for reinvigorating and redeveloping the Lake Street corridor. Since its inception the volunteer organization has sponsored hundreds of events, initiatives, and exhibits to bring a new life to the Arts & Creative District on and around Lake Street.

If you’ve enjoyed the Miller Beach Farmers Market, First Fridays on Lake Street, or any of the events at the Marshall J. Gardner Center for the Arts, you have benefited from our volunteer efforts.

The blossoming of new businesses on Lake Street and the surrounding neighborhood over the past 5 years are directly a result of the activities and initiatives from the MBACD.

Now we need you to help us. We have ongoing hard costs to keep our gallery open and our mission focused.

While we have enjoyed the generosity of grants from donors such as the Knight Foundation, Legacy Foundation, The Anderson Foundation, South Shore Arts, and others, it is nearly impossible to find grant money to help pay for our gas & electric, building repairs, and supplies.  Generous volunteers have dug deep into their pockets to cover some or most of these costs in the past.

Our goal over the next 5 years is to find 500 people in our community that will commit to donating a small amount of money on a monthly basis.  $10 or $20 donated monthly would create a sustainable amount of funds to pay our bills.

This will allow us to focus on the more important work of expanding our offering to the community,

Will you be one of the Miller 500?

Can you commit to $10 or $20 or more per month?

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Thank you for considering a gift to the Miller Beach Arts & Creative District. The majority of programs we provide are free to the public and are vital to a healthy community. With your help, the MBACD will continue to create diverse and interesting programming to attract a wide range of people and help the NWI region thrive. Your support helps us achieve our vision –to be a dynamic hub of creative cultural and economic activity that transforms the unique community and environment of Miller into a vital part of the city of Gary and the surrounding region.  The Miller Beach Arts & Creative District convenes artists of all media and local commercial interests, and serves as a prototype for community redevelopment.

A gift to the MBACD is a gift to your community and to the arts. Please give today.

If you are looking for more ways to become involved, financially or otherwise, please contact the MBACD Executive Director, Meg Roman, via [email protected].

Note: When paying, add the purpose of your donation e.g. 'General Donation' or 'Giving Tuesday' in the ‘Add special instructions to the seller’ section. Thank you!

Please see the MBACD Wish List here.